24 Hour Crisis Line

Advocates are available 24/7 to offer confidential support, information, and referrals to other services. To reach our advocates, call:
or toll-free at

Bilingual Services

We offer bilingual advocacy services in Spanish.
Ofrecemos servicios de intercesoría en español.


We can provide a safe place for survivors to stay when they are fleeing abusive situations.


Our advocates can offer transportation if necessary to court proceedings, appointments, collaborative meetings with other agencies, and more.

Medical Advocacy

Our advocates can provide support and information to survivors, and accompany those who are receiving treatment or examinations at hospitals or other local medical facilities including the Family Advocacy Network.


Therapy allows survivors to be heard in a safe, confidential environment while receiving the support and care that is most beneficial to the survivor and the survivor’s family. We provide free and complete non-discriminatory services.

Support and Information

We offer an adult support group for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as a children’s group that provides fun learning activities for child survivors and children of survivors.

PO and Legal Referrals

Our advocates can assist survivors with protection orders, offer emotional support, education, and accompaniment throughout court hearings, and provide referrals to local attorneys. Advocates are not able to offer legal advice.

Education and Prevention

We offer free presentations on a variety of topics surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault. If interested, please call our office so we can tailor it to your interests.