At The S.A.F.E. Center, we are committed to stopping violence before it occurs. So we turn to you, our community members, when looking for a solution to the question: What can we do in our communities, organizations, and coalitions to increase and improve sexual violence prevention efforts? This question has many challenges and obstacles because of the conversation surrounding prevention. What does prevention look like? Prevention work is not typically visible immediately as compared to crisis support. Prevention encompasses many programs, approaches, and strategies designed to promote healthy environments and behaviors, while preventing unhealthy ones. Prevention covers a wide range of actions and beliefs as well. Our vision is to strengthen communities through coalition building and providing resources to educate on sexual violence prevention. Our goal is to utilize primary prevention strategies using population-based approaches that take place before sexual violence has occurred and prevent initial perpetration and victimization. This will be done through mobilizing ownership of prevention within and across communities, developing messaging to engage inclusive audiences for social norm change, and adapting and diversifying to maintain sustainability. We aim to promote social norms that protect against violence, teach skills to prevent violence, provide opportunities to empower and support girls and women, and create protective environments through community mobilization. Our hope is to spur into action sustainable change towards individuals, communities, and societies that are free from sexual violence. If you have questions or want to get involved in prevention efforts, connect with us!